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Wrongful Foreclosure

Have you been the victim of a wrongful foreclosure?? It is highly likely that a certain percentage of home foreclosures conducted by various lenders may have been illegal. You may be able to challenge the foreclosure sale and recover damages for your loss.

Seizing a home through foreclosure is a serious undertaking that should be conducted with the utmost care. Obviously, lenders like Bank of America, GMAC Mortgage, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and PNC Financial Services Group did not take this responsibility seriously when they admitted to irregularities in the way foreclosure documents were processed. In their rush to process foreclosures, many mortgage servicer employees were not even reading or verifying the court documents that they used to justify home seizures. Now, thousands of homeowners may be paying a steep price for their negligence.

Nygren Law Office has successfully litigated wrongful foreclosure cases where the faulty processes of large banks were used to obtain seizure of home owner’s properties. You are not alone….. This has happened to many homeowners all across the United States.

No one should lose their home because a bank fails to properly process a foreclosure. If your home was foreclosed, or in the process of foreclosure, it is important for you to take immediate steps to seek legal advice to determine if you have legal grounds to challenge the sale.

To determine if you were a victim of wrongful foreclosure, arrange a free consultation with Tonya Nygren, a Wrongful Foreclosure Attorney, and email her office at or call (916) 743-4043.







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