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Nygren Law Office assists individuals and families with delicate estate planning matters, and help families establish estate plans including revocable trusts and wills. These areas of the law require a clear understanding of a client's needs and goals, which is why estate planning clients work with Tonya Nygren.


Nygren Law Office, recognizes the ability to proactively identify and avoid legal issues is as important as the ability to confront disputes head-on in litigation.

While an estate plan is at its core a set of legal documents, it in fact becomes much more than that. It is a direct reflection of the success that an individual has achieved during his or her lifetime, and how his or her loved ones and charitable causes will be provided for after death. I am mindful of the trust placed in our office whenever someone seeks our assistance with his or her estate plan, and strive to deliver the most professional and knowledgeable counsel possible.


Since I am a small office, I offer clients the opportunity to work directly with me in preparing their estate plan. When our attorney, I sit down with clients, and carefully examine their current assets, future financial needs and their goals in order to craft a unique estate plan. Most of clients require many of the following types of documents:

Advance health care directives
Powers of attorney
Probate Assistance

To arrange a free consultation with Tonya Nygren, a Sacramento Trust and Wills lawyer, email her office at or call (916) 743-4043.





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